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Site Tour offers a unique career exploration and planning solution that stands apart from any other resource! Our fast-paced videos immediately engage the user; you will be amazed how quickly your students will be off shadowing cool careers!

Our simple-to-use interface enables individuals to chart their own career exploration. is device agnostic, and can be accessed from any tablet, computer or mobile device.

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Personalized Dashboard with Persistent Storage

Dashboard Individuals are welcomed by name to their personalized dashboard. Student dashboards are branded with School or College logo, if applicable. Individual activity, resumes, favorite colleges, are all stored on the user dashboard.

Interactive Video Profile Page

Interactive Video Profile page Each career video profile page comes packed with a ton of features; engaging and interactive videos, Pop Quiz, relevant text, School Search, Closed Captioning, Spanish translation-much more! Take a Tour of an interactive video profile page now!

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Career Central

Career Central Careers are sorted by the 16 Career Clusters. Career Central, the heart of, makes it easy to find the career you're looking for, and also facilitates discovery of new ones! Our Career Search tool filters searches by education level, industry, key words, and cluster.

Career Journal

Career Journal Users rate their interest level for each career explored and take digital notes as desired. Journals are automatically stored.

Administrative Reporting Tools

Administrative Reporting Our Administrative reporting tools are powerful and easy to use. Whether you want data on an entire district or a single user, our hassle-free tools will save you tons of time! Please go here to learn more.

College Search

College Search Search and research Colleges, filtered by location, degrees available, school type, even tuition! All the information is displayed in an easy to read format, including student population statistics, SAT averages and application requirements. Results are automatically stored to the user's dashboard by adding to favorites.

Job & Internship Search

Job Search Hunt for or a job or internship any time on Filter search by location and key word. Results automatically stored to the user's dashboard by adding to favorites.

Resume Builder

Job Search Our integrated Resume Builder allows individuals to create as many resumes as they'd like. Helpful tips guide inexperienced job hunters to create professional resumes. Resumes are stored to the user's personalized Dashboard and can be exported to Word.

Job Advice and Career Magazines

Career Magazine We've culled the best of the web on the most critical topics related to workplace need, career advice, and job hunting. Our content is constantly refreshed. Magazine topics include Soft Skills Tips, Job Interviewing Advice, Resume and Cover Letter Tips, Creating Portfolios, Goal Setting and many more!

Career Inventories

Career Inventories Users can take the O*Net Interest Profiler and discover which careers are best suited to their personal interests. Results are stored to the individual's dashboard. Teachers can also assign Inventories via our internal Inbox messaging.

Playlist Builder

Playlist Builder Individuals and educators can create their own video play lists by dragging and dropping their choices into a queue- just like on an MP3 player! Educators can also create and assign playlists to single users or entire classes!

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials A collection of short video tutorials to guide users to make the most of our tools and features. Detailed Tutorials for Admin use as well.