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Post Secondary Schools


In today's 21st century world, the role of the college Career Services Center has never been more critical. Undergrads need professional guidance and advice as they explore different career paths, not only for life after college, but for choosing majors and knowing what coursework will help them get a leg up in a highly competitive job market. provides a comprehensive, low cost solution that will empower every student on your campus to successfully plan for his or her future. is a fully online, one- stop resource, easily linked to your Career Services web page, so students can log in from campus, the library, home, anywhere! The login process can be integrated with your campus email system, making it simple for students to access.

Undergrads will benefit tremendously by, regardless if they are just beginning their career exploration process or actively job or internship hunting.

Your staff will have access to our powerful, easy to use Admin reporting tools, which enable educators to see, track, and measure results instantly.

Whether you're introducing a pathway to a prospective student or helping your enrolled students get ready for their next steps in a career, is the perfect tool for you!

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