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Executive Team

Strivven Media is an education technology company based in Asheville, NC. We are committed to creating innovative, digital products to serve our customers, as well as partner businesses. For over a decade, the company founders have been developing multimedia career awareness and recruiting solutions for Industry, business, and higher education institutions. Strivven Media is a young, fast -growing company that delivers engaging learning experiences to our users.


Kim Celentano

Ceo, President

Prior to forming Strivven Media and heading up, Kim spent 10 years as the Creative Director of Career Corner Digital.

Kim is an Emmy-award winning television producer with 20 years of production experience. Over her career, she produced a variety of content for many distribution outlets, including ESPN, Fox Sports, and A&E Television. Kim transitioned into business in 1999, when she headed production for a start up developing streaming media models over the Internet.

When she was growing up, she wished a product like existed to help her figure out what do with her life. Kim created to provide career guidance for young people. Kim is a graduate of Yale University.

Her advice to students: Graduate from high school and focus on a STEM career.
Her dream job would be to create new businesses and have others run them.


Ilya Gorelik

Chief Technology Officer

Ilya has vast experience in IT, spending over 2 decades in a multitude of positions integrating and writing software programs. Before co- founding Strivven Media, he was CTO of Career Corner Digital and the primary developer of

Ilya specializes in mobile apps, scalable back end solutions, cloud- based services and GIS. Though he can program for anybody, he prefers to use his skills to impact the lives of young people. Ilya moved to the US in 1991 from Riga, Latvia.

His career advice: Technology powers the world. Harness the power of software to affect a positive change!
His dream job would be a windsurfing instructor.