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Exploring Careers in BlueTech

The Maritime Alliance is a non-profit industry association whose mission is “Promoting Sustainable Science-Based Ocean & Water Industries” and a proud member of the BlueTech Cluster Alliance.

Business Director
Andrew’s love of surfing landed him at a blue tech company that produces surfboard foam out of algae oils. Not only is the material transforming the industry, it's good for the planet! Watch his video to learn more. Career Details
Mechanical Engineer
With only 5% of Earth's ocean waters explored, that leaves 95% open to discovery! Adam Simko and his team of mechanical engineers are using high tech underwater drones to help turn the ocean’s mysteries into new discoveries. Career Details
Finance Director
Her company helps protect ocean life and supports the Blue Economy. Learn how Andrea, a self-proclaimed spreadsheet nerd, navigates behind the scenes to keep her BlueTech company afloat. Career Details
Fish Hatchery Manager
Some fish are not caught, but raised. Yann Rameriz is a self-proclaimed "mad scientist" in charge of this Mexican hatchery that raises ocean striped sea bass. Watch this aquacultural dream job! Career Details
Environmental Engineer
Access to clean H2O is essential for healthy life to flow. Drenched with passion about protecting water, this environmental engineer channeled her energy and founded Aquacycl. Soak in Orianna’s clean water story! Career Details
Tugboat Captain
Submarines, Navy ships, whales, ahoy! These are just some of the sights Cole Crafton sees during his typical work day. Tug along with Captain Crafton to learn how to become a master of the sea. Career Details
Marine Engineering Instructor
A former Naval engineer turned marine engineer instructor, Cesar Salas proves that it's never too late to teach what you love. Cesar not only provides critical instruction, but also helps supply the maritime industry with capable engineers. Hail, Cesar! Career Details
Fish Monger
There's nothing fishy about it...good seafood's not cheap. Cheap seafood's not good! Meet Tommy Gomes, southern California celebrity fish monger and promoter of the local catch. Career Details
Saving the seas, for this ambitious entrepreneur, started with an underwater drone hidden inside a clownfish. Add a dose of AI, a scoop of VR, a bunch of biomimicry, plus a whole lotta chutzpah, and you have the recipe for Liane Thompson’s story. Career Details
R&D Manager
The challenge: Build a drone that flies over the ocean, and land it accurately…on a moving target. Huh? Meet aerospace engineer Allan Matthew. He does that! Career Details
Product Manager
Think of a product manager as sort of a technical expert with awesome quarterbacking skills. Janice does whatever it takes to get her company's innovative water measurement devices manufactured successfully.
Biotech Scientist
Agricultural and food scientists work to ensure agricultural productivity and food safety.
Steel Manager
Naval ships take about 2 years to build- block by block, by hundreds of people. Efren manages the company's steel operations and ensures the vessels are being built to spec, on time and on budget.
Technical Writer
Stephen documents complex software applications to guide the safety of the men and women protecting our country in the Navy and Coast Guard. Technical writers live where creativity intersects with technology.