Celebrating International Women's Day

By VirtualJobShadow.com - March 8, 2021

It's International Women's Day, and we couldn't think of a better time to showcase a few of the talented, dynamic women featured in VirtualJobShadow.com job shadowing videos. Many of whom are shattering glass ceilings and disrupting the status quo. 

Angie Diefenbach, Volcanologist- Volcanologists monitor global volcanic activity. Angie's specialty is photogrammetry and GIS (Geographic Information Software)—she photographs volcanos, then turns those photos into computer models that other scientists study. 

Favorite part of her job? Traveling all over the world to fly in helicopters and photograph volcanoes.  


Natasha Tutt, Talent Acquisition Manager- As a Talent Acquisition Manager, Natasha is responsible for hiring new employees, helping current employees with professional development, and ensuring employee job satisfaction. She says that because she loves talking, it’s a perfect role for her! 

Spot-on foreshadowing- "When I was a little girl, I always remember my mother asking the teacher 'how did Natasha do in school?' and the teacher would say, 'she'd be fine if she'd just stop talking!'" 


Leslie Boudreau, Veterinary Technician- Leslie started her career as a Veterinary Assistant, progressing to Veterinary Technician Assistant and eventually Veterinary Technician.  She turned her interest in management into another career milestone by earning a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager certification.  

Favorite part of her job? Providing animals with dental care! Animals can't tell us when something is wrong with their teeth but always seem happy after a cleaning.  


Alison Reta, Clinical Pharmacist- Clinical Pharmacists meet with patients to evaluate and discuss their medication regimens. They also help patients navigate our complicated healthcare system.  Alison says being a good listener and attention to detail are especially helpful in her role. 

Her secret weapon? Being bilingual—speaking Spanish has opened many doors.  


Ja'Net Lovelace, Kindergarten Teacher- Teaching students new things is exciting, and Ja'Net loves that aspect of her job.  A big part of her role is helping students identify their learning style and helping them understand that the right way to learn is what works best for them.  

Advice for future teachers- Study hard, be prepared, and try to be as organized as possible. Work with students as early as you can to get a feel for whether it's something you're going to like.  


Mary McAdam, Web Communications Specialist- Growing up, Mary had many people say her disability meant she wouldn't work, yet she's thrived in her Web Communications Specialist role. When exploring careers, she encourages everyone to focus on finding one that suits their strengths. 

Can anyone work in technology?  "I wasn't always good with technology, but I've gotten this far because I'm willing to learn new things." 


Kristen Nguyen, Project Manager- Every personality test or interest survey Kristen took in high school indicated she should be in a "caregiver" position. And in a way, that came true in her role as a Project Manager, given that she cares for a team of people and ensures they have everything they need to succeed. 

What made Kristen accept her position? "The team and culture meshed with me really well." 


Brittany Blades, Marine Mammalogist- The primary goal of an aquarium's Marine Mammalogist is connecting visitors with aquatic mammals and inspiring the conservation of those animals. Brittany's job includes providing medical care, mental stimulation, and training to sea otters, Pacific harbor seals, and California sea lions.   

Best advice for working with animals? "Have patience. Animals have their own agenda. You can't make them do anything they don't want to do."  


Elizabeth Beal, Geophysicist- Elizabeth's job as a Geophysicist entails using a sound source to look deep below the earth's surface. People skills are essential in her role because she manages a team of 18 other geophysicists! 

What inspired her to be a Geophysicist? Visiting places like Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon, where she could see the earth's layers on display. 


Dorian Ordyne, Glassblowing Artist- When Dorian’s father heard she wanted to be a glass artist, his first reaction was, "but you have to make a living." She has! Her role includes creating commissioned artwork and teaching glassblowing classes.  

What skill is key to glassblowing? Communication. Students need to be kept entertained and safe! 


You can watch these job shadowing videos by logging into your VirtualJobShadow.com account and searching the career name in Career Central's search bar. 

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