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Discover, Develop and Chart Career Paths Based on Choice, Not Chance

The Career Exploration Roadmap

Finding your direction in life is never easy! For guidance, follow our step-by-step Career Exploration Roadmap, which will give you the blueprints to discover, chart and embark on a rewarding career path.

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1. Discover Your Passion

Illustration depicting step one in the career exploration roadmap which is discover your passion by using virtualjobshadow.com’s interactive career assessments. Begin the journey by discovering your interests, personality type and values with our interactive assessments, which match you with career pathways based on your results.

2. Choose Your Direction

Illustration depicting step two in the career exploration roadmap which is choose your direction by watching virtualjobshadow.com’s exclusive job shadowing videos. Take charge of your own path in life by learning what career options are out there. We make career exploration accessible with our engaging job shadowing videos, featuring real people in real careers.

3. Prepare for Success

Illustration depicting step three in the career exploration roadmap which is prepare for success by using virtualjobshadow.com’s career planning tool called My Plan. Plan each step on your road to success using our integrated tools and resources to help map out your educational and career goals. Use your plan to guide your next steps.

4. Achieve Your Dreams

Illustration depicting step four in the career exploration roadmap which is achieve your dreams by staying motivated from virtualjobshadow.com’s tools and resources. Stick to your plan, but be prepared for bumps in the road, as life is never a straight line. VirtualJobShadow.com empowers you to reach your dreams in the world of work and beyond.

1. Discover Your Passion
Before you can map out a rewarding career path, you must first discover your own strengths, talents and interests.

Image of a high school student in the classroom working on a career exploration and planning project in her STEM class. Consider what you like to do for fun and what activities you genuinely enjoy. To help you get started, VirtualJobShadow.com offers three career assessments which will help determine your interests and work values. Your results will lead you to compatible career pathways that may inspire you. When you begin to connect your passion to career possibilities, you are on the right path.

Discover YOUR passion with our career assessments:
2. Choose Your Direction
Learn what people really do in their jobs and empower yourself with the knowledge necessary to choose an exciting and meaningful career.

Image of a high school student in the classroom working on a career exploration and planning project in her STEM class. Clear up misconceptions about certain jobs and uncover opportunities you never knew existed when you explore hundreds of day-in-the-life videos on VirtualJobShadow.com. Whether in an operating room, at a global fashion headquarters or near the rim of a volcano, VirtualJobShadow.com visits real people in real careers to bring the world of work directly to you. There is no better way to explore career choices than VirtualJobShadow.com!

Empower your future with 21st century career exploration!
3. Prepare For Success
The start line for following your path is identifying your interests--the finish line is a rewarding career. Along the way, you must build and refine your plans to make your dream a reality.

Image of a group of chefs from a video inside of virtualjobshadow.com’s online career exploration platform. Chart your career and education plans with VirtualJobShadow.com’s integrated planning tools. Utilize our tools to find colleges, learn about required education/certifications, build a resume and even find a job or internship. Build a step-by-step plan in your digital portfolio and embark on your future with confidence!

Plan and pursue a career with these powerful tools:
4. Achieve Your Dreams
The final step in the Career Exploration Roadmap is all about implementing on your plan and being willing to adapt when life takes you off the path you planned.

Image of a group of recent high school graduates from a video inside of virtualjobshadow.com’s online career exploration platform. Realizing your dreams requires years of determination and hard work! Keep in mind that some failures are often opportunities in disguise. Stay motivated and continue to apply yourself in all aspects of life; persistence, determination and focus will lead to your success! Empower yourself; get real world advice from VirtualJobShadow.com’s role models who have experienced similar challenges.

VirtualJobShadow.com will help you reach your dreams - motivation, inspiration and encouragement included!
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